Integrated Messaging. Dynamic Results.

Where strategy meets purposeful and targeted communications- Capitol MailsSM. Designed for advocacy, community engagement and outreach campaigns to increase exposure and facilitate meaningful connections through direct mail and digital campaigns.

Capitol MailsSM Features

Utilizing an integrated approach, Capitol MailsSM is the perfect approach to quantify, track, monitor, and analyze the results to your advocacy, legislative and strategic outreach campaign. We utilize this approach to deliver custom direct mail and integrated messaging campaigns through:

  • Social Match
  • Mail Tracking
  • Informed Delivery
  • Call Tracking
  • Online Follow-up
  • Social Media Follow-up
  • Leadmatch
Our Approach

Strategic consultation and assessment are our foundation. As no two organizations are alike, no two campaigns are alike. We take a tailored approach, through assessment and partnering with you to understand your objectives and desired outcomes. If you have a communications / engagement plan, we’ll start there. If not, along with Capitol MailsSM , we can craft a custom strategic plan through Capitol PlansSM.

Why Choose Capitol MailsSM

Results matter. The ability to quantify, track, monitor, analyze and optimize your campaign’s performance is essential in meeting your outreach objectives. Having a thoughtful and strategic approach is essential to communicate your message, flawlessly. We’ll partner with you and provide strategic guidance to optimize the performance of your campaign’s results to enable you to meet your strategic objectives.

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