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12-12:30 PM, EST

Remote and Traditional Means of Organizing

Your campaign will be won and lost on your ability to solidly execute your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) plan.  In this session, learn basic components of traditional and remote means to effectively turn out your vote. REGISTER for this webinar.


12-12:30 PM, EST

Your Absentee Ballot Strategy and Plan

Absentee voting is a critical component to galvanizing your support and winning your election. In this session, learn the basic components of developing a solid absentee ballot strategy and plan.  REGISTER for this webinar.

Past Webinars

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Covid 19: Connecting with Voters Remotely

These 2 well-attended sessions sold out!

This popular session sold out quickly!  Our political landscape has shifted and connecting with voters remotely, but organically is essential.  REVIEW the essential points covered in this popular session.  Need more information?  SCHEDULE your political strategy session.

Developing Your Field Strategy

Traditional means of identifying and connecting with voters will not be enough to give you the winning edge in your campaign. Gain insight on innovative ways to connect with voters.  For more information on this session, contact us at .

Standing Out: Developing Your Communications Strategy

You’re running for office because you have unique ideas on how to assist your community. Learn elements of a robust communications strategy and how to differentiate yourself to share your message.  For more information on this session, contact us at .

Developing Your GOTV Strategy

During this time, all of your efforts come together in a culminating event-Election Day! Gain insightful strategies on key components you should include in your GOTV strategy and the execution of your plan.  For more information on this session contact us at 

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